A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to develop EyeWink, a wearable device to control the smartphone with eye winks.

Colchester (UK), 22 November 2015 – Two PhD students from the University of Essex are raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Click with the aim of completing the development of a revolutionary wearable device that allows people to control their smartphones with eye winks. Their main goal is to raise £10,000 by the 15th of December to finish the design of the device and produce the first batch.

EyeWink improves the entire user experience by being hands- and voice-free, allowing people to control their smartphones even when it is still in their pocket. Runners can use EyeWink to change the song of the music player with just a wink, drivers can set the GPS while keeping their focus on the road, and people with severe motor impairments can control the smartphones that, otherwise, they could not use. EyeWink can be easily configured through a smartphone app that allows the user to select which actions he/she would perform with each eye.

The vision behind EyeWink is to change the way in which we communicate and interact with the technology. In the future, this technology could be applied to many different contexts, including controlling an electronic wheelchair or changing the slides in a presentation.

EyeWink is developed by Davide Valeriani and Ana Matran-Fernandez, currently PhD students working on Brain-Computer Interfaces, a technology that allows users to control external devices with their mind. Last March they attended HackTheBrain, the first hackathon in the UK dedicated to projects to enhance human capabilities. In less than 48 hours they developed the first working prototype of EyeWink that won the London Science Museum Award. EyeWink technology has been showcased in the London Science Museum and has appeared on ITV News.

The crowdfunding campaign raised more than £2,000 in its first week, attracting donations from several countries.

Crowdfunding campaign → https://click.hubbub.net/p/eye-wink/pitch/

Campaign video → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fRnrFB8ndI

EyeWink website → http://www.eyewink.net

EyeWink on Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/EyeWinkApp/

EyeWink on Twitter → https://twitter.com/EyeWinkApp

EyeWink on Google+ → https://plus.google.com/103474731757722730440

Email → info@eyewink.net

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